Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cat’s Christmas Quilt

It’s been a pleasure to quilt Cat of Catalina’s Cottage  quilt which was made for her by the lovely  Deb of Works in Progress.

Christmas quilt collage

So many fun interesting fabrics in this quilt. A perfect example of anything goes in a scrap quilt. Most of the fabrics are Christmas themed but there are some other fabrics in the mix too. I used to think I had lots of Christmas fabric but this selection is amazing! From old fashioned green/gold Christmas, to lime green/orange and silver/blue. A little bit of everything.

Amazingly the very mod and the old fashioned sit well side by side.


Vintage Christmas kitten


Cute birds and owls

Bird fabrics

Pink Gumboots????


This quilt has it all!!

Cat requested a free motion overall quilt style. I used that lovely Magnifico gold thread again. A strange thing happened, as I stitched a star fell on the quilt, I think that must be for Philosopher. A flutter wing critter flew in too, I think that must be for Tsunami. Just to make sure everyone who snuggles under this quilt feels love a few hearts popped up too!

The quilt looks great, so colourful:



I think the gold thread is just perfect on this quilt. It seems to sparkle against the black fabric.

gold thread on quilt

Thanks Cat, it’s been fun!


  1. Wow, that does have a great variety of Christmas and holiday fabrics! It's lovely, and I like the idea of the personal touches you threw in while quilting.

  2. An amazing collection of Christmas fabrics here and the gold thread really adds a sparkle

  3. What I love most about this is that its not your usual Christmas quilt. All those colours and fabrics came together beautifully! The quilting just makes the whole thing sparkle.

  4. ohhhh I've found the heart !! !! Now I need to find the star and butterfly
    I love this quilt so much


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