Thursday, November 07, 2013

Blue and Cream quilt finish


At last I have managed to take a photo of the whole quilt. This is a big quilt, 94” x 77”. It is wider that it is long.


I put a lot of different stitching styles into this quilt.

Straight and curved ruler work in these areas:


The maker didn’t want any stitching in the blue and cream squares but they did need a little stitching. I stitched along the wavy print lines with cream thread and put 3 straight lines through the middle with dark blue.The setting triangles filled with soft fill.


Curling ribbon in the first narrow border and piano keys in the cream border:


Big soft swirls in the outer border:


All those borders looking good now. I think this is a brilliant result for a first quilt.


  1. This young woman is going to be pleased with her quilt - you've taken it to a higher level with your quilting. Nice job.

  2. This very talented teen is going to be thrilled with her quilt. You both did an awesome job! (my first quilt didnt look anywhere near that pretty!)

  3. This is beautiful, what a great quilt. Your quilting highlighted it so well.


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