Friday, November 15, 2013

A new playground for the girls…


Today the tall elephant grass under the Walnut tree was cut down. The girls just couldn’t wait to get in there and work on further cultivation.


Happy Girls

Henrietta, Clara, Zara and Penny say “thanks very much Vanessa”

Thanks for popping by

PS I don’t know that the grass is really Elephant grass – I just call it that because it grows so BIG.


  1. I love happy chicks. I have had quite a go round with my hens this year, but things seem to be sorted out, hens safe from whatever was taking them, and now I am just waiting for their off cycle to turn back on. Your girls are beautiful, and seem so content.

  2. It was wonderful to hear all the birds singing while watching the "girls" get down to business.

  3. The girls look very happy having a new place to explore.

  4. They are having a ball aren't they....I love watching chooks at 'work'!


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