Monday, November 25, 2013

A favourite kitchen tool….

……. have you ever seen one of these?
In 1981 Glynn and I bought a Holden Kingswood station wagon with a clip on camper in Sydney.
Camper kitchen
The plan was to drive around Australia. To equip our Camper kitchen we visited a huge Salvation Army shop in Sydney – fondly known by locals as the Tempe Tip.
One of the utensils I bought was a Kitchamajig. Engraved on this tool is this information:
Crushes, Strains, Whips and Lifts
Gosh, I thought, it’s practically a food processor! Yes  it does do all these things. I have even whipped cream with this tool. It was and still remains my favourite kitchen tool.
I found an interesting article about this tool at HubPages
When I am in an OpShop I always scan the kitchen utensil section to see if I can find another Kitchamajig. I see you can buy a modern version on Amazon but I love the vintage look of the old ones. Not so common these days to find a kitchen tool which is stamped “Made in England”
If you spot one on an Opshop Hop grab it. You will be glad you did.

PS Yes we did drive right around Australia and yes, that is me before I became a platinum blonde.

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  1. Got a Kitchamajig in my hand right now! Dad had this in his kitchen drawer amongst other weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets when we cleared out his unit. Did you enjoy your trip around Australia?

  2. My mother had a Kitchamajig, and you are right: it is a great tool. I wonder where hers was made.

  3. I have a Kitchamajig and love it!

  4. Oooh I'll have to keep an eye out for one of these when Im op shopping. I use 50 year old tongs that belonged to my grandmother and I love them. The new ones just arent the same.

    Love that picture of you!

  5. How lovely to see those photos from yesteryear. And did you manage to travel right around Aussie in your camper?

  6. I'll be watching out for one Linda.
    Good old Kingswood Station Wagon, we had one too, ours had a rooftop pull out/down camper, kids slept in that, Dh and I slept in the back of the wagon.

  7. Just seen your lovely quilting on Nicky's quilt. Beautiful quilting which really "makes" this super quilt.

  8. I have one of them too. I use it for lifting objects out of boiling water, oil etc.

  9. What a great tool. And beautiful as well. There´s nothing like a thrift you can cheerish for so many years.


  10. I so want one! on my list now!


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