Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sunday Sundries

I haven’t been able to cultivate Jo’s garden today so let me take you for a stroll around our real garden….
…….suddenly everything is bursting forth in the garden! We have had lots of Double blooms on our Camellias. Perhaps this is a sign of a good growing season ahead?
 So nice to walk around the garden and see so many things exploding into flower. This Rock Rose under our letter box is going to be a mass of flowers.
Banksia Roses are going to make a splendid show this year.
A bit of borrowed landscape, just above our clothes line our neighbour’s garden shed is smothered with clematis. In a few days this will a mass of pink.
…and what’s this, an Aussie Interloper?
Cats are the masters of camouflage don't you think ? Can you see a cat in here?
Come closer if you dare!

We’re so lucky to love in such a beautiful place.
Thanks for popping by.

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