Saturday, October 19, 2013

Photo shoot time….


….and the girls are sick of the cats stealing the show.

Brown Shaver Chooks

Mary’s pretty cup cake quilt, made for a Great Granddaughter.


Lots of soft swirls with the occasional heart and daisy added to the mix.Modern, fresh and bright.


The Sweet Peas have had a bit of a love affair with chevrons. Andreena made this for her fishing/surfing son.

Chevron Quilt

Straight lines stitched through the squares and lots of rolling surf on the blue.

Chevron Quilt

I love that shade of blue, it’s Kona Cadet Blue. A super quilt for a man. I used Soft and Bright batting, the quilt is soft and cosy feeling.Hush don’t tell the man I said that!

Mean while behind the scenes the girls were very busy:

Brown Shaver Chooks

Thanks for popping by.




  1. Wow! I mean.... WOW!!! How wonderful to have the girls helping you out. :) [I adore the girls]
    thanks so much for sharing your beautiful quilts and quilting. :)

  2. Beautiful!! Aren't your girls having a great time there.....

  3. I'm surprised you didn't let the girls pose with the quilts. ;oD

    Nice job of quilting. I especially like what you did on the chevron quilt.

  4. So pretty...your chevron swirl quilt is gorgeous!


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