Saturday, October 26, 2013

Linen loveliness complete…

This little quilt has been such a joy to work on.


After completing the intense micro work in the middle oval I moved on to a larger softer fill in the next area:


Finally some leaves and tendrils to reflect the soft flowing woven pattern in the blue areas.

Linen quilt outer 2

This has been an interesting piece to work on because of the multiple layers and different thread weights and textures of the fabrics. I used So fine on the top and Bottom Line in the Bobbin. The backing is cotton patchwork fabric and the batting bamboo. All in all I think it turned out very well.


………the girls thought so too!


  1. This is an interesting mix of items, and I like the quilting you added.

    Do the items have a sentimental connection for the owner? I can see it used as a table topper or even a wall hanging. It's lovely and so unusual.

  2. Hello Nancy
    It sure is an interesting mix. As far as I know the items don't have sentimental connection - she just loves old linen. I think it's destined to be a table topper.
    I rather fancy it as a crib quilt for a very special baby. Perhaps Prince George?


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