Tuesday, October 15, 2013

As Mrs Beeton would say…..

First catch your Trout….

(note this post is not for the squeamish – that means you Lisa and Debbie)

Our good friend Teresa gave us two trout. She knows that Glynn is rather partial to trout and thought this might tempt his failing appetite.

What a beautiful fish, a rainbow trout no less.


I cooked it by the newspaper method. You can find the recipe (which I tweaked a bit) at Ken Drummond’s site.

First season the inside of your trout and fill with aromatic herbs. I put in sliced lemon, fresh ginger paste, chives, sage and thyme.


I popped it onto newspaper, gave it a liberal sprinkling of our favourite Marlborough salt and a drizzle of olive oil.


Then I wrapped in 4 layers of paper and secured.

Trout wrapped in paper

Into the sink for a good wetting and on into the baking dish.


15 minutes per pound in a 150c oven and it came out like this:


Yum oh. Not the most elegant serving platter but with buttered new potatoes, slivered carrots and peas – perfect!!!

Trout for lunch

With a  glass of Villa Maria Hawkes Bay Rose – what more could you want?

Thanks Teresa, it was so good to see Glynn enjoy a meal.


  1. Trout is by far my favorite fish: I love it rolled in flour and cornmeal and pan-fried - yummy!


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