Monday, September 16, 2013

Sweet Peas……

…..were a bit thin on the ground on Wednesday. Show and tell was over in a flash!

Moira is making a pillow sham to match her Crinoline Ladies quilt

Crinoline ladies pillow sham

Andreena has a new Christmas project in mind:


One of the benefits of an in house quilting group is the pool of talent we can all draw from. SP Margaret who has visited Japan more than once, is an expert in Japanese craft . She makes the most intricate tiny projects like these:

Margaret's dragonflys

Several SPs asked if she could show us how to make them. Margaret very kindly spent hours making each of us a kit for a dragon fly.


Look at this, hand written instructions, fussy cut templates, fabric cutting templates, solidot, felt and batting all ready for our first dragonflies.


She gave us a very detailed demonstration on every step of the process.


Thank you SP Margaret.


  1. Lovely kit-sets, and super colours, what a sweetie!! I can see more of these dragonflies coming soon. Greetings from Jean

  2. The best way for the SPs to participate and make a dragonfly was to have kits -- kudos to Margaret for preparing all of them! (By any chance was Margaret a teacher before she became a SP?)

  3. The dragonflies look beautiful. How generous of Margaret to make you all kits !


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