Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A quilt restoration story

Cat asked me to restore and modernise her Hexagon quilt She made this as a 17 year old studying Home Science at high school when she embarked on her  6th form project. All the fabrics are furnishing weight. Some a little faded but this quilt holds special memories for Cat of Catalina’s Cottage.

PicMonkey Collage

She hand stitched all the hexagons together. These were then machine stitched onto a background. First the hexagon section was removed from the backing fabric. Cat did this.


My first action was to go around the edge and pull out all the little bits of stray cotton and tailor tack with a bright cotton areas that needed repair work.

Repair hexi quilt

Careful pressing around the edges came next. I made up a starch with cornflour to help to stabilise the edges. Then a good press and starch all over.Cat wanted to bring a little modern quilt style to her old treasure so she asked to have it appliqued onto a dark grey background.This part of the restoration required two steps and lots of crawling around on the floor.

First the main body spray basted onto the background:


Then beads of glue carefully applied to the edges of the Hexies and all loose threads tucked in:DSCF1651

Next back to the sewing machine to machine applique around the edge. I didn’t get a close up of this but just in case you would like to know I stitched it down with a hemming stitch using Superior’s Silver Bottom Line. This is a superb thread for machine applique as it just seems to blend into the fabric. Then on with the quilting:

Cat likes re purpose and re cycle so the inner is a woollen blanket and the backing a vintage sheet.

Some McDazzle in the border:


……and just because I can some pools of pebbles:


Some soft open Paisley started  in the centre:


Looking good:


Off the frame ready to be trimmed:


It has been a challenge but I am thrilled with the end result. For those who like to know I used Superior Magnifico thread colour Shiver # 2164.I have to say I just love this thread. It has a lovely lustre, it seemed to somehow make the Hexis look brighter and looks superb on the grey border.

Ready to go home:



Bye Hexies…


  1. I LOVE it LOVE LOVE LOVE it thank you so much

  2. Woohoo... awesome restoration. Your quilting has gone to another level!

  3. Linda the quilting is absolutely amazing!

  4. WOW, gorgeous job Linda, both the restoration and the quilting! I recently used both of those threads and love them. Well done!!!

  5. I love your custom quilting and what a treasure. You have the most patience to be able to repair that quilt to all of its beauty! Very nice job!

  6. That is just beautiful! And I think you just inspired me to try some new thread.

    : )

  7. Oh my goodness...Its BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Linda, I know that was a LOT of work, yet you make it look easy. Stunning at every step of this restoration. You really did a fabulous job of quilting this beauty. I'm sure Cat has to be over the top thrilled!!!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  9. Beautiful job, both the restoration, and the quilting. How very special that you saved and transformed this treasure.

  10. This is amazing! You did a beautiful job. Love that quilting!

  11. Wow!!! Amazing restoration - from the finish photo you would never know this isn't a brand-new Modern low-volume quilt! Your quilting totally enhances its beauty.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Gorgeous! Your quilting has brought new life to this treasure.

  14. Wow, what a beautiful job you have done here. I can only imagine the amount of work involved. So beautiful, you just be very proud! Xx

  15. It's stunning! Beautiful work by both of you!

  16. What an amazing job. Cat must be thrilled!

  17. Wow Linda - you have done an amazing job! Would have been super satisfying having it come together!


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