Monday, September 30, 2013

A modern change…


Modern spiral quilting

What fun to quilt! Lots of negative space to stitch on. I love quilting spirals. They are so fun to do. I like the way they appear to stack up over each other. Simple straight lines between the strips of colour with little jigsaw knobs in the gaps.

Some pretty groovy fabric and back art on this one:

Back art popsicles and mud pools

It was difficult to get a picture of the whole quilt. It has been a dull wet day so I couldn’t go for an outside picture.

Modern spiral quilting

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Julie.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A quilt restoration story

Cat asked me to restore and modernise her Hexagon quilt She made this as a 17 year old studying Home Science at high school when she embarked on her  6th form project. All the fabrics are furnishing weight. Some a little faded but this quilt holds special memories for Cat of Catalina’s Cottage.

PicMonkey Collage

She hand stitched all the hexagons together. These were then machine stitched onto a background. First the hexagon section was removed from the backing fabric. Cat did this.


My first action was to go around the edge and pull out all the little bits of stray cotton and tailor tack with a bright cotton areas that needed repair work.

Repair hexi quilt

Careful pressing around the edges came next. I made up a starch with cornflour to help to stabilise the edges. Then a good press and starch all over.Cat wanted to bring a little modern quilt style to her old treasure so she asked to have it appliqued onto a dark grey background.This part of the restoration required two steps and lots of crawling around on the floor.

First the main body spray basted onto the background:


Then beads of glue carefully applied to the edges of the Hexies and all loose threads tucked in:DSCF1651

Next back to the sewing machine to machine applique around the edge. I didn’t get a close up of this but just in case you would like to know I stitched it down with a hemming stitch using Superior’s Silver Bottom Line. This is a superb thread for machine applique as it just seems to blend into the fabric. Then on with the quilting:

Cat likes re purpose and re cycle so the inner is a woollen blanket and the backing a vintage sheet.

Some McDazzle in the border:


……and just because I can some pools of pebbles:


Some soft open Paisley started  in the centre:


Looking good:


Off the frame ready to be trimmed:


It has been a challenge but I am thrilled with the end result. For those who like to know I used Superior Magnifico thread colour Shiver # 2164.I have to say I just love this thread. It has a lovely lustre, it seemed to somehow make the Hexis look brighter and looks superb on the grey border.

Ready to go home:



Bye Hexies…

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Op shop treasure…..


At the Hospice shop today there was quite a collection of cross stitched pieces. They looked like they had all been stitched by the same very talented stitcher. I couldn’t resist the exquisite rose piece and the cute pin cushions. I intend to take the lace off the pincushions and add a patchwork touch. The table napkins – well I can never leave those behind either!

Op shop cross stitch

The roses and butterflies are stitched on a soft grey background. The fabric is very fine – probably a 20 count I think. DSCF1847

Nice find don’t you think?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sweet Peas……

…..were a bit thin on the ground on Wednesday. Show and tell was over in a flash!

Moira is making a pillow sham to match her Crinoline Ladies quilt

Crinoline ladies pillow sham

Andreena has a new Christmas project in mind:


One of the benefits of an in house quilting group is the pool of talent we can all draw from. SP Margaret who has visited Japan more than once, is an expert in Japanese craft . She makes the most intricate tiny projects like these:

Margaret's dragonflys

Several SPs asked if she could show us how to make them. Margaret very kindly spent hours making each of us a kit for a dragon fly.


Look at this, hand written instructions, fussy cut templates, fabric cutting templates, solidot, felt and batting all ready for our first dragonflies.


She gave us a very detailed demonstration on every step of the process.


Thank you SP Margaret.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Sundries…..

Kaiser never lets a bit of label stitching get in the way of a chin rest snooze:
A quilt restoration I have been working on finished this week.More on this later when it has been returned to Cat. This has been a WIP for quite awhile but as we know good things take time. I am more than thrilled with the result.
Quilt Restoration
A wide angle photo of our re arranged Quilting Studio AKA Garage.
Quilt studio
Yes, that’s an indoor clothes line on the left and that’s  Peggy’s Nine plus Four quilt top hanging on it.
We’re watching the America Cup races. Eeeek wasn’t that scary when our yacht nearly flipped? Next race about to start, gotta go……..

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bertha and I are getting on fine….

……quilts are flying off  the frame:

My Scrappy Trip Around the World:


I had thought about putting Baptist Fans on this scrappy quilt but decided on a more modern look with Spirals:

PicMonkey Collage

I think my Innova aka Bertha gives much better definition to my quilting. I’m loving that texture.


Shopping cats completed:


Nice soft whirling quilting on this one complimented by more magic binding with a hot pink peep. Nice back art too! I should mention here that Peggy of Kiwi Klippings has been working like a trogan making backings and bindings for me.Thank you Peggy.

Cts go shopping

Do you remember when I purchased this pretty fabric?

Cake Shop Collage

Peggy made it up into a pretty little top and I quilted it.


I love how easy it is to stitch around small detail with Bertha. On this quilt I used Superiors Magnifico, a thread I am growing to love. It has such a lovely lustre.

Tatuma quilt sweet dreams

Magic binding again (thanks Peggy) and look at the pretty back.

Tatums quilt sweet dreams 2

Look who was busy working behind the photo shoot:


Such hardworking girls!

Thanks for popping by.

Friday, September 06, 2013

It has been a Pearler of a day…..

Perfect view:


Table set for lunch


Us 30 years ago on Honeymoon. We look pretty darned happy don’t we?

Honey moon

Thank you Glynn, I am so happy you came into my life. My rock thirty years ago and still today. On the back of the photo of me Glynn had written “looks all of sixteen”. Gotta love that man!


Pearler is a word that in Australian/New Zealand slang can be taken to mean good, or great.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sweet Pea update

I was so involved  with setting up Big Bertha that I forgot to share Sweet Peas news with you.

As per the ladies have been busy. Look at all these lovely things:

Andreena’s Japanese wall hanging

Andreenas Wall Hanging

and wall hanging of a winter scene.


Moira has turned a panel of Christmas scenes into to this charming quilt. She used a fancy stitch on her machine to frame each scene. Origami flowers and buttons add a nice finishing touch.

Moiras Cristmas quilt

Debbie’s Birthday Block quilt


Isn’t it super, it sure has pizzazz.She has also completed another wall hanging like the one she gave us.



Trish’s yoyo cat


and a Lemoyne Star top


Mary’s Cup Cakes quilt top

PicMonkey Collage

The Sweet Peas sure have been busy!


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