Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kwilter’s Eye Kandy

Look at this:
Kwilters Eye Kandy
Yum yum, Moda Dessert roll of Ombre Dots. Today it was my turn to request my Birthday Blocks from Sweet Peas.I have asked for Rolling Stone blocks

made with the Ombre Dots with the pale blue pictured for background.I think this is going to make a quilt with a very modern look with lots of movement.
Sweet Peas gathered at Mary’s house today. Lots of show and tell and chatter.
Trish is making a big block quilt with four of these ginormous 27” blocks Debbie has been helping her by satin stitching the applique down. Ah, the perks of being a Sweet Pea.
Andreena has just completed this Chevron top which is coming to me to quilt.This quilt is for her son, a keen fisherman. The pattern squares are all fish/beach themed. I’m thinking some nice waves stitched through the blue will look good.
Debbie shared some small blocks she is button hole stitching by hand.
Debbie’s Birthday block booty:
We couldn’t resist a wee play with them. They are going to look stunning.
Margaret had taken a couple of classes at Symposium. Here’s some of her work:
Margarets wall hanging
Andreena has made her Birthday blocks into a quilt and is busy quilting it.Looking good:
Moira has finished her Santa Table Runner:
Once again Sweet Peas have been very busy. I wont add the 12 tops Peggy and I took along – you have probably seen them already on our blogs.
Bye for now


  1. Gosh you have all been busy again!
    Linda the Moda Dessert Roll looks so cheery - are they on sale here in NZ?

  2. I enjoy seeing the Sweet Peas' projects. Kudos to everyone.

  3. Trish’s quilt reminds me of a Hawaiian pattern. Is that what shes doing?Talk about brave !

    Margaret’s art pieces are gorgeous!

    12 tops is an amazing effort – I’d stopped counting but wondered how far along you were !


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