Saturday, June 01, 2013

Saturday Selection….

Margaret popped around yesterday for a little show and tell. She has just completed this wool quilt:
I adore the pussy cat angels:
Two cats hold hearts and two hold stars. I think this is the best wool quilt I have ever seen. The colours are so bright. Margaret has been collecting wool scraps for years. She thinks the background fabric came from her Grandmother,  it may be about 70 years old! So there you go, don’t worry about your stash – fabric does not go stale!
House Headquarters
Our friend Debbie popped around today and installed this shelf at HHQ.
This wall is to the side of our kitchen in our sunroom. This is where all the important dates and details of our life congregate. Appointments, vouchers,menu plans, to do lists, inward mail, it all happens here.
Team work:
There’s no doubt about it our girls know all about team work:

Heads down, bottoms up will get you there every time!
Weekend Relaxation
Kaiser knows all about relaxing, not that he waits for the weekend to do this.

Did you spot his King of the Jungle Quilt? He’s a tough, tough cat!
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  1. Oh oh oh my that wool quilt is wonderful!

  2. Margaret’s quilt is very cute and so beautifully done. It's great to know fabric doesnt go off !

    Laughing at Kaiser. Thats one relaxed cat!

  3. Lol one the quilt
    Simple yet effective


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