Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On a cold frosty morning…..

The roof of the chook coop. Brrrrrrr
…….you cant beat a nice hot cooked breakfast.
Yes, that’s what our girls have every morning. During the day we collect all our vegetable peelings and other food scraps in a pot. The next morning, this with the addition of some rolled oats is cooked up for their breakfast. They love their hot breakfast.
We do too! Never get tired of those yummy eggs!
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  1. The air looks a bit "fresh" in your area. Glad the girls can enjoy a hot meal on a frosty morning.

  2. Hot veges and porridge, what more could a working gal need or want?? Wrap up warm, frosts here most mornings lately. Greetings to all, Jean.

  3. Ok you win ...it's definitely colder there than it is here !

    Very spoiled chooks. I hope the hot breakfasts are paying dividends with extra eggs.

  4. Oh that looks so cold! Your chooks are very spoiled, glad they repay you in plenty of eggs...


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