Friday, June 21, 2013

Cool Cats…..


are not happy cats.

But one heat pad + two cats + quilt =



Our poor chooks haven’t fared so well today – their coop blew over! Peggy and I nearly got blown away putting it right and fixing it. No injuries – that’s if you don’t count a broken egg.

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  1. Nice to see comfy and cosy cats. Gosh it does sound like you had some decent winds - sounds like you got away lightly with just a broken egg!!

  2. Yikes, batten down the hatches to keep the chooks safe!

  3. The cats look very cosy-never thought of a heat pad for mine. Hope the winds have eased now. Poor chooks -glad they didn't get blown away. We got away lightly here in the far south-cold and sleety rain but that is it. Keep safe and warm

  4. Your poor chooks may not lay for a few days after a fright like that!


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