Saturday, June 22, 2013

Comfort food

Today I cooked one of  our favourite comfort foods. Macaroni Cheese and Vegetables:


The recipe is from Alison and Simon Holst’s book “Very Easy Vegetarian Meals” I have taken the liberty of scanning the recipe for you.


I do cook this a little differently in that I make the sauce in the Microwave Oven while the pasta is cooking, then I mix everything together in the saucepan before tipping the mixture into the oven dish.

Just the meal for a cold winter day.


Yum oh.


  1. Comfort food, always lovely, super good on a cold day. Yes, maybe too cold down there, I see Lake Tekapo will be more than freezing tonight at -12 C. Thanks for a super recipe. Cheers from Jean

  2. Sounds divine - I would have never thought of putting pumpkin seeds in a casserole - I must try it.

  3. I shall definitely be serving this one up later in the week Linda.

  4. I love switching from Summer foods to winter foods. Lots of roasts and bakes and soups and yummy casseroles. Winter food has a charm all its own. Must keep this recipe for Mr. P - he loves pasta .


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