Monday, June 03, 2013

A Cosy Collection

Lovely Lisa at Big Little has launched a drive to inspire bloggers to make Hottie covers for Christchurch children.Click on the button on my side bar to get details.
Today I have taken time out from quilting to join in making some.The blue ones and the orange one are made of repurposed blankets. The brown one is a repurposed wool jersey.
I have a couple of tips to share should you decide to join in.
Binding the back edges:
Hunt out those binding scraps you have been hoarding.

Open a strip out and press one edge up to the middle fold line.
Attach with raw edge right side to wrong side of  backing. Stitch with a straight stitch. No specific seam allowance here, I just used the side of my zig zag foot.
Press binding to wards top edge.

Fold over, press again and stitch down. I used the same pretty thread that I used for the applique to do this:
Hottie binding

Sewing the cover together:
I used the zigzag stitch that takes three little stitches one way then the other to sew my covers together.This stitch is on most machines, usually next to the ordinary zigzag.
To stitch the feelers for my butterfly I used the straight stitch that stitches 3 times in one place before it moves to the next stitch. This is also on most machines right after your ordinary straight stitch. BTW also a super stitch for stitching up hems on jeans.
I have four different finishes on the edges of my backs:
Binding, the original blanket ribbon, blanket selvedge and the ribbing of the repurposed jersey.
A nice stack of cosiness:
Please think about joining in and making a cover or two. There are still so many people in Christchurch in damaged homes heading into another chilly winter.The cute applique shapes I have used can be found at:
Homemade Gifts Made Easy
Pop over to Lisa’s blog and pick up her cute button – the perfect accessory to grace your blog.
Thanks for popping by


  1. These are so lovely Linda
    Thanks for helping out and helping by spreading the word

  2. Can't do better than the comment above by Cat - these are so lovely and thanks for the tutorial on the binding for the cover.
    If I had two working hands I would make a few!


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