Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Sundries

How many hottie covers can you make out of one single blanket?

Well I made 8:DSCF1264


……but if you add one, a  hot pad cover for the fur persons I made 9!


We had Beef Stroganoff for lunch today and so did the girls. When we threw left over pasta into the coop they went crazy!! I think they thought the pasta was some sort of gourmet worm.

Look at those expectant faces as we lift the lid:


Oooops Henrietta got some pasta on her back:


Never mind the team are where there to help:


Nothing gets past our girls!

We’ve had a lovely Sunday starting with a cooked breakfast, watching the replay of the Wallabies/Lions rugby match, a visit from our friend Debbie and then a yummy late lunch.

All good here.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The wolves went back….

…went back to their den today:

wolves straight

The two small ones are folded in half. I guess they are really meant to be cushion covers but my friends wanted small quilts to protect their new furniture seating from their own little wolf.


The art work on these panels is very nice. Fun to add some texture to.


I was asked to quilt these onto a fleece which had a checked texture. Can you see that texture showing through? That was a surprise when I took them off the frame.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On a cold frosty morning…..

The roof of the chook coop. Brrrrrrr
…….you cant beat a nice hot cooked breakfast.
Yes, that’s what our girls have every morning. During the day we collect all our vegetable peelings and other food scraps in a pot. The next morning, this with the addition of some rolled oats is cooked up for their breakfast. They love their hot breakfast.
We do too! Never get tired of those yummy eggs!
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Sundries….


Appropriate Dress

Have you ever had one of those calls to a work event where the invitation says “Dress as appropriate”? Today at 0 degrees Celsius the appropriate dress for our Studio/Garage was this:


Darned cute don’t you think? Did you spot the groovy anklettos? Peggy made those for me.


Don’t be in too much of a hurry to throw out that cute packaging you get with your fruit and vegetables.


These trays are perfect for sorting and storing goodies in the sewing room. Look at my machine quilting needles sorted and standing up so I can see them easily.


On the Frame

Our good friends Jack and Marie have just returned from another trip to North America. They are a bit smitten with the wild life in that part of the world. While there they ventured into a Patchwork shop – not their usual kind of shopping – and purchased three panels featuring wolves. That’s what’s on my frame right now. All three at once!


It is going to be fun to quilt these faces.


Where ever you are I hope your Sunday has been or will be nice.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Comfort food

Today I cooked one of  our favourite comfort foods. Macaroni Cheese and Vegetables:


The recipe is from Alison and Simon Holst’s book “Very Easy Vegetarian Meals” I have taken the liberty of scanning the recipe for you.


I do cook this a little differently in that I make the sauce in the Microwave Oven while the pasta is cooking, then I mix everything together in the saucepan before tipping the mixture into the oven dish.

Just the meal for a cold winter day.


Yum oh.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cool Cats…..


are not happy cats.

But one heat pad + two cats + quilt =



Our poor chooks haven’t fared so well today – their coop blew over! Peggy and I nearly got blown away putting it right and fixing it. No injuries – that’s if you don’t count a broken egg.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sweet Peas….

……… gathered at our house yesterday. The ladies have generously made more hottie covers for The Hottie Project.

How about this for a pile of warm loving?


Twenty five covers equals 250 warm toes.


I love how Trish has repurposed the blanket label.


Just looking at them is enough to give you the warm fuzzies.

Debbie has been getting all creative with some cushion covers:


          DSCF1190              DSCF1188 

Peggy has just completed this quilt. She won some of the blocks at Taupo Quiltmakers, made a few more and added borders.I got to quilt it, lucky me.


Cat scanning was required before binding was applied:


Susie’s magic binding used again. This is fast becoming a favourite around here.


It’s chilly here tonight and set to get colder. Makes me wish our hottie covers were already in Christchurch.

Keep warm!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pink Pizazz

Golly I am going to have to stop falling in love with quilts I cant keep! It is going to hard to let this quilt go.

DSCF1178 (2)

Simple but very effective design. Modern quilting with lots of texture.

Pink Pizazz Collage

Peggy pieced this quilt and added this very cute binding which gives the illusion of a flange.


Don’t you just love that little peek of green? This technique is called Susie’s Magic Binding.

Did I mention I love this quilt? You’d like one more peek wouldn’t you?


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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The old and the new….

……The new is a modern style quilt I am working on.




The something old – well it has become something new too. A beautiful Koru brand sweater made of Merino, Possum and Silk has made two lovely cuddly hottie covers.


It has been a perfect sewing day here AKA as rainy and bleak.

Bye for now

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

We had help today…..

Debbie visited today with her Grandson Rex. Rex helped Peggy to go check for eggs.


Rex was quick onto the job, eggs up and into the basket in a flash.


We gave Rex the eggs he collected to take home. His Mum reported that he ate them all up.

Thanks for helping Rex.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Sweet Peas

Andreena has been busy sewing for Christmas again.
DSCF1118 (2)
This is all her own design. I do so admire people who work with Yoyos. So fiddly and time consuming.
Rochelle has completed her zingy quilt. Her first attempt at quilting a large quilt. I think she did very well.
Rochelles quilt Collage
We had a little how to make a hottie cover session.
……..and just because I can a little cat love:
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