Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Fling….

While we move into winter here I have been quilting Julie’s pretty spring  garden quilt.

Spring quilt

An interesting division of colour in this quilt. I quilted the peachy/yellow side with gold thread:

How to quilt a pinwheel block

and the mauve side with lilac thread:

Pinwheel block

I discovered in the process that four of my “seed pods” where perfect for the pinwheel blocks.Who knew? I never cease to be amazed by what the quilt tops I work on teach me!

I had fun quilting the picture blocks.

Julie's quilt Collage

Julie, thank you for asking me to quilt for you.

Thank you dear readers for stopping by often and making comments.

…….and just because I can, sunset tonight in Taupo:

May sunset Taupo New Zealand



  1. Those seapod designs look fabulous. I may have to file that in my memory to use at a later time. I find I learn something new with every quilt, ....... and of course, having the internet nearby is a wonderful tool as well.

  2. A serene and beautiful sunset.

    Excellent job of quilting. The color play of the quilt is interesting and attractive.

  3. Wow...the use of colour in that quilt really is amazing and I love the idea of using two distinctly different threads to quilt it.

    That is a gorgeous sunset. Ours last night was covered by rain!

  4. Well I do love the quilt Linda but once again your quilting is amazing, I must get in touch with you when I have a quilt or two ready for quilting!


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