Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shhhhhh Secret Reveal…..

A little while ago Todd of This Guy Quilts asked me if I would like to quilt his Scrappy Speckle Quilt. Would I what! I love Todd’s patchwork style and I love a modern quilt with lots of room to play.


Todd surrounded those tiny triangles with with white strips and then trimmed them down to squares, These finished at 3” in the quilt top,tiny, oh and by the way there 400 of these squares!

Todd gave me the go ahead to quilt his amazing top as I thought fit. Brave man! I was nearly having palpitations at the thought and then the idea popped into my mind to super impose some large triangles across the quilt and have them looking like they went over and under each other. So after much crawling around on the floor and marking the stitching commenced:


The centre triangle in the middle of each large triangle filled with pebbles. I thought lots of texture would look good.

triangu Colllations 1age

After the pebbles I added wavy lines out to the border and piano keys in the border.


I am so in love with this quilt. I took it on down to our local Rose Garden for a photo session.


It’s such a bright vibrant quilt.


Because it’s so light and stitched with white on white it’s hard to see the texture but I hope you can.

Thank you for asking me to quilt this for you Todd.



  1. A lovely bright quilt, and your quilting finishes it off perfectly, it shows the triangles so well when hung up,a great place to show off any quilt. Greetings from Jean

  2. You know how much I love this quilt... But again a big thank you. And another thank you, because I'm quilting again after thinking I would take the month of may off. Unfortunately today is a bit overcast for taking photo's so I won't be posting about the quilt today - I really want to wait for the sun to come out!

  3. Love how you quilted that!

  4. What a fun quilt! Love your quilting design.

  5. What an amazing quilt
    I just love it

  6. Your quilting really brings out an added dimension on this quilt. The pebbles inside of the triangle shapes is genius.

  7. Great idea with the triangles worked into the background. It works perfectly, and the quilting is perfect for this amazing quilt.

  8. Oh Wow, did those triangles come out beautifully. The quilt is amazing, both the piecing and the quilting, but no question that quilting makes the quilt a quilt.

  9. You must be a "Quilt Whisperer" because the quilting you did is perfect for this design!

  10. You are truly an amazing quilter Linda! It looks great!

  11. You've done an amazing job on this quilt. It really looks lovely with your quilting enhancing an already beautiful quilt. Well done.

  12. The quilting really enhances this quilt. Great job!

  13. That is really cool, Linda! Makes me want to load up some fabric on my frame and give that design a try!! Whoop whoop!!

  14. Love this quilt Linda - the quilting is super.

  15. Great job! Love all the texture you created.


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