Friday, May 10, 2013

Rescue Cats

If I’m not rescuing quilts from Opshops I am rescuing them from Trade Me.

Isn’t this sweet?

DSCF0801 (2)

It’s nice and fresh and bright. Looks like it has never been used. Here’s a close up of the cats:



The has quilt has minimal machine quilting so I shall unpick that and re quilt the whole quilt.

………Meanwhile look what’s been happening on the frame:


A new to me style, swirls and pebbles inspired by Angela Walters.

Thanks for popping by.



  1. Hi Linda

    You will give those cats back their nine lives, I am sure :-) I look forward to seeing the progress.
    I love the swirls, are they free hand?

  2. I know you will transform the cats into a stunning quilt.

    Such fun to see your rescues.

  3. Great job on your swirls and pebbles! I can't wait to see how you quilt the cat quilt. Too cute!

  4. Your swirls and pebbles look great. Aren't they so much fun to do? The cat quilt is a treasure. Looking forward to seeing it in the future.

  5. I never find such cool stuff on ebay or in op shops. You must draw these poor orphan quilts to you somehow!


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