Friday, May 03, 2013

Autumn is finally here…

I cant share what I am quilting but I can share the changing colours with you.

The vibrant colours of Autumn are so nice after everything being scorched colourless with the summer heat.

Autumn Trees Collage

Such lovely colours.

Autumn Clours 2 Collage

  ………..and look what I found!


These crab apples are in the garden of a nearby vacant house. Don’t they look like they have been hand polished? I’m very tempted to “liberate” some to make jelly.

But what’s happening here? This looks more like spring!

Flowers collage

Thanks for popping by


  1. Hello Linda,

    Have fun making the crab apple jelly. I read today that you can add some Rose Geranium to it for extra flavour. Have a wonderful weekend doing your secret sewing.

    Happy days.

  2. Beautiful photos, Linda. Crabapple jelly is so delicious ... go ahead a liberate some.

  3. I bet your neighbors would grant you permission to pick some crabapples, especially if you promise to give them a couple jars of the jelly.

  4. No crab apples here, but quinces galore off our own tree,I can see that beautiful jelly asking to be made very soon. Lovely autumn leaf colours Linda. Greetings from Jean


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