Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Totally Cute

In the course of nurturing our coffee addiction we came to know Rose who worked at Piccolos Coffee shop here in Taupo. Rose shared with us her journey into parenthood. When she announced that baby was on the way we decided we must make a wee quilt. It so happens that Roses’ husband Jason works at the Honda garage where I have my car serviced. Today the car went in for a health check. When I picked it up I delivered our wee quilt to Jason – with strict instructions that it was not to be peeked at until he was home with Rose.


I do enjoy quilting these baby panels. Such fun to get some texture in there.


Thanks for popping by

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Scrap Quilts went……

…..home on Saturday.

This is Jo’s one:


Isn’t it splendid?

Nice big soft all over quilting on this one.

Jos quilt Collage

Even the back is scrappy:

Jo's quilt back Collage

This is Alison’s one:


I never get tired of these scrappy stars. Free motion in the diamonds and a bit of ruler work and wavy lines in the stars.

alisons stars Collage

Did you spot the use of some selvage strips?

Adorable fabric on the back.

Alisons quilt back two Collage

Thanks ladies. I really enjoyed working on your quilts.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flower Power

Peggy made this quilt top to test a pattern for one of our Sweet Peas.

Today I quilted it.


Modern wiggle woggles (that’s high tech speak isn’t it?) in the wedges and a bit of whimsy in the flower panel.



Butterflies and flowers:


Bit of back art going on here:


As my American friends would say, “I  love me some texture”:DSCF0973

This quilt will be deposited in Taupo Quiltmaker’s bank of Community quilts.

Chilly evening here in Taupo, all tucked up waiting to watch Coro.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sweet Peas

gathered at our house today.
Moira is thinking of Christmas already!
Aren’t these Santae cute? Doesn’t matter which side of the table you sit on, Santa will be  watching you.
Moira is stitching around her Santae with a metallic thread.
It was Andreena’s turn to receive her Birthday Blocks, pattern Chinese Block:
She was going to set these on point but they look so snazzy just like this that I think she may just sew them together. The secondary pattern which emerges has lots of movement.
Debbie has been busy with her Yoyo maker again.
…and with making this wall hanging for Maxie:
Debbie’s free motion quilting has added a lot of interest and texture.
Maxies whang
Thanks for visiting

PS after everyone left I felt there was still a presence in the room.Eyes were following me! Look who’s sitting on top of our TV:
Mr Liquorice Cat!
PPS I checked – the plural of Santa is Santae. Who knew?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Things have been a little scrappy….

…………..around here.

String quilt

Have I mentioned before that I love scrappy quilts?

These two quilts have been a pleasure to work on. Well constructed and so interesting to stitch as they contain lots of fabrics I know and love.

String quilt

It’s been like visiting with old friends.

Thanks for popping by

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mahjong anyone?


A while ago I helped one of the Sweet Peas, Mary, get started making a quilt using the Mahjong pattern.

I have just finished quilting it for her:

Mahjong quilt

I popped an on point square in the middle of each large tile


added wavy lines out into the background tiles.


The back of this quilt looks pretty cool


The weather has been a tad cooler, Koko and Kaiser are always looking for a nice sunny spot.


Thanks for popping by.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Fling….

While we move into winter here I have been quilting Julie’s pretty spring  garden quilt.

Spring quilt

An interesting division of colour in this quilt. I quilted the peachy/yellow side with gold thread:

How to quilt a pinwheel block

and the mauve side with lilac thread:

Pinwheel block

I discovered in the process that four of my “seed pods” where perfect for the pinwheel blocks.Who knew? I never cease to be amazed by what the quilt tops I work on teach me!

I had fun quilting the picture blocks.

Julie's quilt Collage

Julie, thank you for asking me to quilt for you.

Thank you dear readers for stopping by often and making comments.

…….and just because I can, sunset tonight in Taupo:

May sunset Taupo New Zealand


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shhhhhh Secret Reveal…..

A little while ago Todd of This Guy Quilts asked me if I would like to quilt his Scrappy Speckle Quilt. Would I what! I love Todd’s patchwork style and I love a modern quilt with lots of room to play.


Todd surrounded those tiny triangles with with white strips and then trimmed them down to squares, These finished at 3” in the quilt top,tiny, oh and by the way there 400 of these squares!

Todd gave me the go ahead to quilt his amazing top as I thought fit. Brave man! I was nearly having palpitations at the thought and then the idea popped into my mind to super impose some large triangles across the quilt and have them looking like they went over and under each other. So after much crawling around on the floor and marking the stitching commenced:


The centre triangle in the middle of each large triangle filled with pebbles. I thought lots of texture would look good.

triangu Colllations 1age

After the pebbles I added wavy lines out to the border and piano keys in the border.


I am so in love with this quilt. I took it on down to our local Rose Garden for a photo session.


It’s such a bright vibrant quilt.


Because it’s so light and stitched with white on white it’s hard to see the texture but I hope you can.

Thank you for asking me to quilt this for you Todd.


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