Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sweet Peas…………

……gathered at our house this week.

Andreena has made another Yoyo elephant,which she gave to Maxie for her new Great Grandson:

yoyo elephant Collage

Andreena has also been busy making this alphabet quilt:

alphabet quiltCollage

Debbie has quilted Trish’s Birthday block quilt for her:


Great quilting Debbie


Debbie brought along her Healing Heart quilt to show:


Debbie is also working on a T shirt quilt for her Grandson Rex:


Andreena brought along this quilt that she won in a raffle.Lucky lady.


Moira has nearly finished stitching on her Golly quilt. Her hair treatments have given her Gollies personality.

Moira's quilt Collage

Debbie has given Peggy a nearly completed set of Golly blocks. They are the same as Moira’s but made in country colours.


Sorry I haven’t been around much. I have been working on two shhhhh secret projects. One is an entry for a competition and the other I don’t want the owner to see just yet. 

Bye for now


  1. Linda, each one is super, love the gollies' hair,and the alpahbet ,is each animal done on an embroidery machine?Rain here a lot of the day, hope all is well at your place, Greetings from Jean

  2. Healing heart really 'speaks' to me. I am afraid that a 'golly' quilt is rather 'not politically correct, here in North America....I think of them as 'folk art'.
    Meant to tell you, I have been to Taupo ( couple of years ago)....cleaned up on some lovely buttons in an op shop.

  3. Love the alphabet quilt . Its so cute .

    And I'm cutting up tshirts for a quilt at the moment. Does your friend have any “must know “ pointers ? It would be nice to keep all my hair as Im sewing it together!


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