Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sweet Peas

Yes it’s that time again! We had such a nice morning together. So much to share.

Andreena brought along Elmer the Elephant. Isn’t he cute?

Yoyo elephant

Maxie has made a take 9 Fat Quarters quilt


Take 9 Fat quarters quilt

Peggy’s work in progress “Turkish Delight”

Turkish Delight quilt

Phew by now Elmer was getting restless, he fancied a bit of mountain climbing:

Yoyo elephant

Two of Maxie’s quilts ready to go home:

Simple Rail fence quilt

Debbie is just completing an I Spy Quilt for her Grandson Rex. So bright and colourful, great quilting Debbie.

CollageRex's I Spy

Moira has sewn her Golly quilt together. Her stitching is so perfect. Check out that stem stitched hair.

Moira's quilt Collage

I had plans to show the Sweet Peas how to make these microwaveable bowl holders.We ran out if time so we just had a quick “walk through”and they all went home with the pattern. Thanks to Kathy at Tamarack Shack. These are a quick sew up. Reversible too!

Microwave bowls

We were very busy, Elmer got tired and had to take a snooze.

Yoyo Elephant

Thanks for popping by


  1. The golly quilt is so cute !

  2. So glad you shared the microwave pattern! It makes such a great gift.


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