Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sundries

When I was cleaning the lounge on Tuesday I heard a rumble grumble in the corner. It was the Teds! They were tired of sitting in a cute basket on the floor. They thought they should have their position in the house elevated.

…….so onto the sofa they went:

Teds on sofa

Of course there would be no show without Punch:


Feathers flying off the quilting frame:


Look at our friend Debbie’s WIP. A Healing Heart Quilt for a friend. This one is coming back to me to quilt.


Thanks for popping by, hope you have had a lovely weekend.


  1. Hi Linda,
    I actually found your blog through Crazy Quilters Blog - I love the Teds and the kitty. The featehrs are looking great. I am a new blogger sew just learning the ropes. I signed up to follow your blog! Have fun!
    PS I am in Georgia in the USA.

  2. Happy teddys & a pussy cat what a peaceful scene! Lovely all over feathers.


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