Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I have mail….

Remember when I told you I had won a Giveaway?

Well my parcel from Katherine of Sew me Something Good has arrived.Please take a moment to pop over and visit Katherine, she has some good tutorials and a super cute pattern for a mini quilt with a Keep Calm theme.

My giveaway prize was this lovely needle book, check out the needles:Needle book Collage

Katherine spoiled me and popped some extra goodies in the parcel:


Too nice!! Thank you Katherine. Just the perk up I needed after fighting an attack of the change of season blahs and getting ready for a significant Something Oh Birthday Celebration for my DH.


  1. The best kind of mail! Have fun with your beautiful goodies!

  2. Enjoy the gifts, all lovely,are you having a big celebration? Hope for fine weather. p.s. any birthday after 65 is very significant!!!Greetings from Jean.

  3. Glad it arrived safely and happy to hear it was just the right "perk up".


  4. Lovely looking haul there Linda. Enjoy!


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