Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Peas

gathered at our house today.

Lots of show and tell and chatter.

I’m sorry my photos are not so good today, too much contrast with light and shadow.

Trish has put her Birthday Blocks together:

Sister's Choice Quilt

She’s been very busy as she has finished her Lemoyne Star quilt too:

Trishs Lemoyne Star

Peggy showed her latest Flower Power project:

Applique Flower quilt

Maxie collected her quilts:


Debbie has completed her HUGE Scrappy Star quilt.

Scrappy Star quilt

Thanks for popping by


  1. Linda, what super quilts, Peggy's flowers, startling, the scrappy star is lovely, perfect for a summer's day lie down on green grass!! Yes, shade and light, a hard combination to get the photos as we see them.Loved your purple one the other day. Cheers from Jean

  2. I love all this eye candy, Linda!

  3. Beautiful quilts - every one of them!

    Peggy's Flower Power is very dynamic and gorgeous with all those bright blooms.

  4. Neat to see the quilts. Gosh Debbie's sure is huge!

  5. Well, you have all been busy! Love Debbie's quilt and the flower quilt from Peggy is beautifully colourful.

  6. Ooh Ooh I love the scrappy star quilt. That's utterly gorgeous. And the Lemoyne star is beautiful too. Some very talented people in Sweet Peas.


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