Friday, March 15, 2013

Sweet Peas

Gathered at our house on Wednesday.
Remember last time Sweet Peas gathered we learnt how to make Trish’s Birthday block? We all received the background fabric Trish wanted us to use. Yesterday we gave her Birthday Blocks to her.
They look a  bit like Swoon blocks don’t you think? Cant wait to see her quilt.
Mary has made all her Mah-jong blocks. This is just half of them. They are going to make a HUGE quilt.Looking very nice:

Trish is making Lemoyne Blocks for a quilt for her sister:
Trish is a dab hand at making these blocks – she’s already started on another set:
Rochelle participated in The Cloth Shop Saturday sampler last year. That gave her 9 but she decided to add more:
There are more than you can see in this photo, I had to grab a quick pic before Rochelle left. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this quilt as it heads towards the finish line.
We had a wee dabble with Scrappy Trip Around the World. I’m not sure if anyone contracted the virus – I wonder what the incubation period is?
Look how nice they are set on point:
This evening I am going to Taupo Quiltmaker’s Midnight Madness Mystery. All I know is I have to take 9 Fat Quarters – and the rest – well it’s a mystery! I love just being able to sit and stitch for four or so hours. Check in to tomorrow to see what I made.


  1. Looks like another productive meeting for the Sweet Peas.

  2. I am certainly looking forward to what you make! - Rochelle

  3. I can't wait to see what you make at your Midnight Madness Mystery! Sounds like fun.

  4. The Sweet Peas make such lovely things.

    Oooh I wonder what the 9 fat quarters have turned into!


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