Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World virus has reached Taupo

I was caught this virus for the first time about 2007. Now with the pattern going “Viral” I am making another Scrappy Trip Around the World.

Strips have been cut:
I have decided this time to take a little bit of control by running dark blue through each block. Block construction has commenced:
DSCF0403If you fancy making a Scrappy Trip around the World please visit Bonnie Hunter’s blog to obtain the directions.
If would like to see more pictures of how this quilt turns out you might like to Google Images. There are about a zillion pictures out there.
Tomorrow Sweet Peas meet at our house, I plan to show them how to make the block.Perhaps they will catch the virus too!


  1. Oh you have had that virus for a long time-is there nothing that can be done tocure it????
    It is a very addictive block. i have 16 blocks made but decided on 'no control'and am loving the look.

  2. Nothing is more contagious than a quilting virus. I'm sure the Sweet Peas will love the block and the technique.

  3. Oh Linda...I thought you and I were going to be the last holdouts with this scrappy trip I think Im the only person left on this side of the world who isnt making one of these fabulous looking quilts.

    I like the blue accents's going to be a beautiful quilt.

  4. I've caught the same virus Linda, I am 15 blocks down, 15 to go.....
    Yours are looking great, I love the blue through each block, it's going to really settle the scraps down.


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