Monday, March 18, 2013

Cup cakes and Polka Dots

Just an update on this one. Off the frame and looking good. I wrote about this quilt a couple of weeks ago. I decided that the cupcakes in the middle needed a little more oomph. I took out the wavy lines, changed to a yummy candy coloured variegated thread and did something totally different.


All the polka dot received what I call corrugated iron stitching. I just took this up and down or left to right as I fancied.

Number eights for the narrow pink strips, Icing swirls for the four patches and more swirls in the white background fabric.


Another change of thread to stitch black and red kisses in all the fabric with black background.

……..and check out the backing fabric, do you remember this Opshop treasure?

back cupcakes and polka dots

Pretty perfect for Peggy’s quilt I think.

I like the end result a whole lot:


Thanks for popping by.


  1. Another fabulous job of quilting. Do you plan the quilting before you start or does the quilt "speak" to you as you work on it?

  2. ooh, i like the stripes of multi-coloured polka dots fabrics very much-and the fabric backing is lovely too, i love pale greens and white together, so fresh looking. great to have you linking up with us other op-shop enthusiasts again, have a great week and happy quilting x


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