Friday, March 22, 2013

A bit more madness

It’s finished and I’m feeling the love!


All over swirls:


I put Coral Fleece on the back, doesn’t it look nice?


It’s difficult to sew a label onto a fleece back so I made my label into a tag and stitched it into the binding.

MM label

It is also difficult to hand stitch the binding down. I am not a fan of machine stitching my bindings down but this time I did. I attached it to the back, folded it to the front and machine stitched it down with invisible thread. Looks okay doesn’t it?


Thanks for popping by.


  1. I'm in love too Linda, just reminds me of Mulberry's.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. It's gorgeous Linda! Your binding looks great. I couldn't tell that you machine sewed it on the front. I wondered how difficult/easy it is to quilt with a fleece backing? Did you have any trouble?

  3. What a clever way to attach a label.

    I'm hand-tacking binding on two quilts, and it is taking me forever. Like you, I prefer to hand-tack them.

  4. I love this
    It is so happy and bright

  5. I especially like the label/tag. I often machine stitch my bindings now (depending on the quilt) and when my son first learned that machine stitched binding was even an option he couldn't believe I made him hand stitch all his bindings before. :)

  6. Everything about it is beautiful. I think machine binding was definitely the way to go. I hand stitch about 95% of mine but Im not dealing with fleece!


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