Sunday, March 31, 2013

Look what was in …………..

………….my airing cupboard today

Hot Cross Buns

In my oven

Hot Cross Buns

Cooked and being eaten

Hot Cross Buns

I used Alison Holst’s recipe. She knows the Kiwi palette best.

Yes I do know Hot Cross Buns are supposed to be eaten on Good Friday but they tasted just as nice today.

In case you think I haven’t been sewing, feather swirls are happening

Feather swirls


Saturday, March 30, 2013

More blogs I read

Time to share some more blogs with you:

Make it do

Sew, cook, clean, this blog has it all – including a recipe that has become a favourite around here Lemon Bar.

36 Quilts in 12 months

Tracee works for Quiltmaker magazine. She has challenged herself to make 36 Quilts this year. Follow her progress.

Geta’s Quilting Studio

Geta lives in Romania. A very talented quilter and pattern maker. At the moment she is posting a tutorial series about trapunto.

Tamarack Shack

Kathy lives in a beautiful part of Canada right by Schist Lake. She quilts beautifully and takes photos of her quilts in the most stunning settings.

and finally, an internet friend Maureen has just started her own blog Mystic Quilter please pop over and say “Hi, Linda sent me”


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kiwiana Kwilt

Fiona made this quilt to take to America later this year.

Kiwiana Quilt

I wanted to compliment the Kiwiana theme so I used Koru and Moko shapes

Kiwiana Quilt

Kiwiana Quilt

Thanks Fiona for asking me to quilt your quilt. I’m sure it will be well received.

Thank you for popping by

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Peas

gathered at our house today.

Lots of show and tell and chatter.

I’m sorry my photos are not so good today, too much contrast with light and shadow.

Trish has put her Birthday Blocks together:

Sister's Choice Quilt

She’s been very busy as she has finished her Lemoyne Star quilt too:

Trishs Lemoyne Star

Peggy showed her latest Flower Power project:

Applique Flower quilt

Maxie collected her quilts:


Debbie has completed her HUGE Scrappy Star quilt.

Scrappy Star quilt

Thanks for popping by

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passionate about Pansies and Purple

Way back in 2000 I joined a row by row round robin organised by KiwiQuilters OnLine.Joining a row by row is a great way to build your piecing skills and colour awareness. It seems that all rows are equal but some are more equal than others.If you look you can see some creativity was required to make the rows work. 

Row by Row

This was the second quilt that I machine quilted. It has my favourite batting Matilda’s wool batting in it. I have washed it many times and the batting is holding up really well. So cosy and warm. The fabric is getting a little worn so I have decided to let it have a rest this winter and use my new Purple Peril quilt.

This is my favourite quilt, I don’t want to wear it out. I hope it doesn’t think I am neglecting it.

Row by row quilt

Thanks for popping by

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two for the price of one

Yesterday I had two small quilts to stitch and one big piece of backing. I popped them both on the frame at once side by side:

A different pattern on each one:


Swirls for one, flowers leaves and tendrils for the other:

Two for one

Then two more quilts:

Chocolate feathers anyone?


Quilt number four, my favourite all over pattern seed pods.


Thanks for popping by

Friday, March 22, 2013

A bit more madness

It’s finished and I’m feeling the love!


All over swirls:


I put Coral Fleece on the back, doesn’t it look nice?


It’s difficult to sew a label onto a fleece back so I made my label into a tag and stitched it into the binding.

MM label

It is also difficult to hand stitch the binding down. I am not a fan of machine stitching my bindings down but this time I did. I attached it to the back, folded it to the front and machine stitched it down with invisible thread. Looks okay doesn’t it?


Thanks for popping by.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sweets for the Sweet


A friend of ours is going through a difficult time at the moment. So today we delivered a Love Bomb to her.

sweets for the sweet

From the left:

Cock-a-Leekie Pies (ready to be baked)

Poached Summer Fruits and Ice Cream Pudding

Pots of After Dinner Chocolates.

Sometimes when life is difficult it is hard to see past preparing the next meal. We hope this helps our friend.

Thanks for popping by.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cup cakes and Polka Dots

Just an update on this one. Off the frame and looking good. I wrote about this quilt a couple of weeks ago. I decided that the cupcakes in the middle needed a little more oomph. I took out the wavy lines, changed to a yummy candy coloured variegated thread and did something totally different.


All the polka dot received what I call corrugated iron stitching. I just took this up and down or left to right as I fancied.

Number eights for the narrow pink strips, Icing swirls for the four patches and more swirls in the white background fabric.


Another change of thread to stitch black and red kisses in all the fabric with black background.

……..and check out the backing fabric, do you remember this Opshop treasure?

back cupcakes and polka dots

Pretty perfect for Peggy’s quilt I think.

I like the end result a whole lot:


Thanks for popping by.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Midnight Madness……..


………………kinda turned into a 24 hour endurance test!! Now this was the easiest quilt you could ever imagine. It is simply called the Nine Fat Quarter Quilt – I suspect a second cousin to the Turning Twenty Quilt. All you had to do was cut every FQ the same way into 9 segments (all different shapes). Then shuffle each pile in a prescribed way so no two fabrics would touch each other in a block. Easy, right? Not for me apparently. Somehow I mucked up the sorting. Grrrrrrrrrr.

So after reverse sewing, re sorting and sewing I have finally finished my quick and easy quilt.


Perhaps this was serendipity as the re sew gave me the opportunity to change a couple of the fabrics I used. I prefer how it looks now.

I don’t plan to add any borders.I am going to put a coral fleece blanket on the back. I think it will make a lovely cuddle quilt.

Thanks for popping by.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sweet Peas

Gathered at our house on Wednesday.
Remember last time Sweet Peas gathered we learnt how to make Trish’s Birthday block? We all received the background fabric Trish wanted us to use. Yesterday we gave her Birthday Blocks to her.
They look a  bit like Swoon blocks don’t you think? Cant wait to see her quilt.
Mary has made all her Mah-jong blocks. This is just half of them. They are going to make a HUGE quilt.Looking very nice:

Trish is making Lemoyne Blocks for a quilt for her sister:
Trish is a dab hand at making these blocks – she’s already started on another set:
Rochelle participated in The Cloth Shop Saturday sampler last year. That gave her 9 but she decided to add more:
There are more than you can see in this photo, I had to grab a quick pic before Rochelle left. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this quilt as it heads towards the finish line.
We had a wee dabble with Scrappy Trip Around the World. I’m not sure if anyone contracted the virus – I wonder what the incubation period is?
Look how nice they are set on point:
This evening I am going to Taupo Quiltmaker’s Midnight Madness Mystery. All I know is I have to take 9 Fat Quarters – and the rest – well it’s a mystery! I love just being able to sit and stitch for four or so hours. Check in to tomorrow to see what I made.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World virus has reached Taupo

I was caught this virus for the first time about 2007. Now with the pattern going “Viral” I am making another Scrappy Trip Around the World.

Strips have been cut:
I have decided this time to take a little bit of control by running dark blue through each block. Block construction has commenced:
DSCF0403If you fancy making a Scrappy Trip around the World please visit Bonnie Hunter’s blog to obtain the directions.
If would like to see more pictures of how this quilt turns out you might like to Google Images. There are about a zillion pictures out there.
Tomorrow Sweet Peas meet at our house, I plan to show them how to make the block.Perhaps they will catch the virus too!
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