Friday, February 01, 2013

Thank you……..

my followers new and old. When I started my blog back in May 2011 I wondered if I would ever get to 100 followers, now 324 posts later the magic number has popped up.
To celebrate I have a couple of goodies.
For my overseas friends I have 30 charm squares of Kiwiana fabric.
 Carm squares
See that fabric in the middle with the Gumboot? That’s what we call Wellingtons or rubber boots in New Zealand.Very Kiwiana.
For my New Zealand friends I am offering to Free Motion Quilt a quilt for you! A few conditions here:
1. Quilt not larger than 60” x 60”
2. You will need to supply batting,backing and get your quilt to me – I’m happy to  pay postage back to you.
3.I will quilt using an all over free motion pattern similar to these:


4. You agree to let me blog about your quilt and show pictures.
Easy peasy yes? So dear followers leave me a comment, identifying yourself as either a Kiwi or Overseas follower.
I’ll announce the happy recipient on New Zealand Day February the 6th.
So comment away, and Good Luck.

Who is watching the Rugby Sevens from Wellington. Go New Zealand!!!!!


  1. What fun charms! I'm in the mom always called those boots gumshoes too. Thank you!

  2. The Kiwiana fabrics look so fun, love the Gumboots! Yes I'm an overseas follower.

  3. What a great giveaway! I would live to see those Kiwiana fabrics up close and personal! I am an overseas follower. Congrats on 100 followers and thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I am one of your overseas followers. I love the look of the Kiwiana fabrics! And your quilting is always so inspiring, thank you.

  5. Congratulations on 100 followers-that is a great achievement. I am a fairly recent follwer and love the work you do and seeing the views around your house. Sending greetings from a very warm Southland.

  6. Congrats on cracking 100! Such a great give away. I have something in mind already :)

  7. Congratulations on hitting 100. I have enjoyed your blog since I started mine, I always find something I like in your posts.

  8. Linda, congratulations on 100 followers! These are fabulous giveaways you're having for your celebration. I'm from Overseas. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Weekend!

  9. Of course I'll leave a comment. I was your 100th follower. I'm overseas and would love to receive the charm pack. Last year my daughter was studying in NZ at the Univ. of Otago and purchased some fabric for me, but it was stolen from her friends car before she came home. Oh well. By the way, she loved your country and misses it. I'm sure she'll be back someday.

  10. Congratulations!I'm an overseas follower. Love your blog.

  11. Your giveaway is fabulous, but then, so is your blog. I enjoy reading about your garden, your flowers, the Sweet Peas, and your quilting. Keep those posts coming!

  12. I wish I lived in NZ right about now because your work is always fabulous. What a generous give-away Linda. Those charm squares are tres cute too!

    Congratulations on hitting 100 followers.

  13. Congrats on the 100 followers!

  14. Congratulations Linda!! I thought I was one of your earlier followers, but I am actually # 102 - I have just checked and turns out I was 'subscribed' but not 'following', I don't think I realised there was a
    I love your blog, always enjoy your posts, especially the quilts and garden pics(and the new chooks!) Thanks for a super generous giveaway.....

  15. I checked to make sure I was a follower, too. A wonderful celebration to reach, Linda, and a wonderful give=away.Those kiwi fabrics are so fitting for all the NZ icons, and I would love to be included in the NZ " Free Motion Quilt a quilt". A very generous giveaway , both here and across the oceans. Greetings from Jean

  16. Hi Linda. Wow - 100 followers is something to be proud of!
    I'm a Kiwi follower and would love to have you quilt something for me - your work is wonderful!!!!
    And I'm in awe of the new photo on your blog header too.

  17. Well done Linda! For a minute there I thought you were going to do a quilt for every follower in NZ ;-)

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