Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sweet Peas…..

…gathered at our house today.
In the past to celebrate Birthdays we all gave the Birthday Girl a Fat Quarter. This year we are all making the Birthday Girl a block of her choice, in the colour of her choice.
This year Trish will be the first recipient. She has chosen to supply her own background, we can put what ever colour we like with it - except burnt orange.
The block she picked is Sister’s Choice. Today we spent time learning how to cut and construct the block. This is my sample block:
Note: this is not my block for Trish, just the sample. I have decided to make one of every block. By the end of the year I will have the makings of a quilt.
We also spent some time looking at the construction of the block I made yesterday for Mary’s quilt:
Peggy has been busy using her new Go Cutter Rose of Sharon Die to make some flower pretties:
A tea cosy for our kitchen:
The makings of another Tea Cosy:
Jenny t cosyJenny's cosy
Last Sweet Pea's day Mary asked Peggy to cut a quilt out for her. The pattern is from the book Fab Five. Peggy decided to whip up a quilt to check out the pattern:
Marys quilt and jennys tea cosy
Modern style, very cute – and fast!!!
Thanks for popping by.


  1. oooh I do like that modern quilt ...the fabrics still make it look antique.

  2. All of the Sweet Pea projects are great. I like the idea of making blocks for the members' birthdays.

  3. Very very niceeee....ohhh
    Best regards from Spain.


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