Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweet Peas

Gathered today for the first time this year. Lots of chatter, laughter, show and tell and yummy food.
Do you remember when I quilted Moira’s crinoline ladies? She brought her quilt  back today to show us the pretty flowers sequins she stitched onto the flower stalks.
Moira is busy now stitching away at blocks for a Golly quilt:
Moiras Gollys
You may have seen these blocks before. They are usually made in very subdued muddy colours but Moira has used her own choice of colours plus different trimmings. Spot the heart pockets.
Rochelle has been busy making a wall hanging featuring a NZ wet lands theme complete with Pukekoes.
Rochelles pukeko quilt
Peggy (left) with Andreena’s  help showed her scrappy chevron quilt.
Rochelle, (bottom left) was keen for a close up!
Thanks for popping by

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  1. The Sweet Peas' projects are wonderful. Peggy's quilt looks like stained glass in the photo - gorgeous!


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