Monday, February 25, 2013

Op Shop Treasure…….


Our friend Debbie is a dab hand at restoring furniture. You may remember I wrote about a green dollar trade we had. She restored a chest of drawers and I quilted for her.

Now Debbie like a touch of Lime Green around her house……so when I spotted a wee side table at the Opshop I thought Debbie might like it to work her magic on.

Debbies Table

Look at the result:

Debbies table two

Isn’t that a super result? A $10 investment plus elbow grease and paint.Debbie is happy.

You want to know how the chookies are don’t you? Today they gave us three eggs for the first time.


That’s one double yolker, one standard and one beginners. Yipeeee!!!

Thanks for popping by


  1. A brilliant makeover. I'm a huge fan of painted furniture. It looks wonderful with its new lease of life.


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