Sunday, February 17, 2013

I have mail!

Jenny at Miss Smith at Home offered a giveaway of some retro fabric. Of course I could not resist that! Jenny was offering a piece of fabric with a dark brown background with wee Daisies. I could see this fabric in a project with more white and some pink added.


When the parcel arrived it seemed to feel a little heavy.

Surprise Jenny had put in another piece of fabric:


Not sure what fabric I will add to the orange – any ideas welcome.

Jenny sent a note on this very nice Kiwiana Postcard:


Please read the cute note she sent. It gives you a taste of her sense of humour and great writing style.


I have discovered that as well as Miss Smith at Home Jenny writes another blog:

D R McLean’s ANZAC Letters Letters from her grandfather to his family in New Zealand during WWI. A very interesting read.

Please pop on over and visit Jenny.


  1. What fun fabric! Brown, white, and pink will go very well with the original fabric. As for the orange, perhaps, a touch of blue, green and a brilliant yellow.

  2. You know, until I saw it here through your eyes it hadn't occurred to me that it was orange. I was thinking that it was a very hot red, but you are right of course, it is orange. I will love to see what you make with them.

  3. Squishy mail is definitely the best kind of mail. LOVE those retro fabrics. I had a couple of 1970's sheets that looked really similar and they became funky quilt backs.


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