Thursday, January 17, 2013

These little tags are proving popular..


I made some of these luggage tags and a handle wrap for Peggy to use on her travels last year. Now I have had a request from another sibling for a set:


Several readers have also asked for the pattern. You can find the luggage tag here:


The handle wrap pattern is part of a Moda Bakeshop Tutorial.

I don’t have a set of these but Peggy tells me they were very helpful when she was trying to spot her bag.


The people who built our house made some very clever decisions when they planted the garden. One of the features we love is the silk tree by the patio. It provides shade in the summer but is bare for maximum light in our Sunroom over winter.


It has just started  to flower. Such lovely pretty fragile blossoms.


Op shop treasure:

I put items up on Trade Me (NZ Ebay) for the Opshop I volunteer at. I often bring things home for deep cleaning and/or polishing. These Vintage Shoe stretchers came in this week.

I have started to polish them – see the right side of the right hand stretcher?


They speak to me of a more elegant time. Engraved on them are the words “Carr Shoe Co” On the underside 2-4 Made in England Patent Number 176633.I think they are going to look super when I have finished with them.

……………and just because I can, clouds at sundown a few days ago.


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  1. Love your photos, Linda. With the information that you have for the shoe stretchers you could quite likely find the year they were made - they look swell polished up!

  2. What a great post. I really must make some of the luggage tags and the grip. I can see how they would be helpful in identifying luggage on the carousel.

    I've never see such a lovely tree. Its blooms are amazing.

  3. The shoe stretchers are beautiful Linda - I'm sure a dealer will snatch them up from Trademe!

    The silk tree is one of my favourites - such delicate fringe flowers in very pretty colours - what an asset the previous owners left you!

    Pretty luggage labels - a great idea - I usually tie a scrap of bright orange/red/purple fabric to the handle of my bag to easily identify it!!!

    Funny that - I take heaps of cloud photos too - my husband thinks it's quite weird.....
    A lovely post.

    Shane ♥

  4. Love those shoe stretchers ...I'm into all things antique.

    I know Im meant to be looking at your silk tree but Im eyeing off the rest of what I can see of your garden ...very very pretty!

  5. Lovely photos and great favourites. Love the shoe stretchers.

  6. Lovely shoe stretchers! We found you via Sew Many Ways FaFF. Share the love <3 and check us out too. we are now following you via bloglovin


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