Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer Quilt

Earlier this summer Glynn asked  me to make him a light weight quilt. I chose to use Jeni’s Patchwork Chevron pattern.

I shopped my stash for the required charm squares. It is at times like this that my Scrap harvesting comes in handy.I also had some of that lovely Kona Charcoal that everyone talks about. The perfect combo for a man’s quilt.


 Glynns quilt1

I have quilted interlocking circles (aka orange peel) on the squares.


Can you see those lines through the charcoal? I’m planning some modern style quilting between the lines.I used cotton batting, not so good for showing up my stitches but hopefully good for a cooler quilt.

I have my Lap Top back – things are still not quite right but at least I can use Live Writer again – which is sooooo much easier to use than Blogger.

I’m joining up today with Lee’s Work in Progress Wednesday

Thanks for staying with me.

 PS Chooks settling in well. It took them all of 48 hours to clue into yummy scrap treats. I hope they are just as clever about producing eggs!


  1. Oh yes, the charcoal looks great with the charms. I hope you will show the whole top when you are finished.

  2. Love that pattern, esp w the charcoal!

  3. I love the rich colors! Perfect 'guy' quilt!

  4. very "manly" :)



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