Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's so frustrating.....

My lap top went away on Monday to be healed, I got it back on Friday. I'm not a happy camper, my Windows Live writer has vanished and my picture programme. So here I am back on my IPad. I can't figure out how to put pictures where I want so here we go.....

Bumble Bees - I love these little critters. Doesn't this one look so happy in the flowers?

Teresa commented about our hydrangeas. The colours are very vibrant this year.

I love the touch of creamy lemon in this one


Gazanias - don't you just love those happy smiley faces?

Buddlelias and roses. I don't know what it is about Buddlelias but one whiff of their heavenly perfume and I am transported back to a happy time many years ago. I understand they are now have a pest status in New Zealand and are no longer available for purchase  Look at those pretty pink old fashioned roses.

 Love those too. They smell like real roses.

Thanks for popping by - please stay with me - normal service will resume soon!

PS to all my 98 followers thank you for joining me on my blogging adventure. I have a nice treat
planned when I get to 100.




  1. Stunning colours Linda, maybe chooky poo will enhance even more!!!Greetings from Jean ( p.s. aok here with us both)

  2. Gorgeous flowers, Linda. Congrats on 98 followers!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful - I love old-fashioned roses and can almost detect their fragrance here in my easy chair half a world away.

    Sorry that your laptop was not repaired correctly. I hope someone can restore your programs.


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