Saturday, December 01, 2012

My claim to fame…..

Some people say that everybody knows somebody who is famous.

Well my claim to fame is my friend Margaret Boyt has her quilt on the cover of Taupo Symposium 2013 catalogue!


What a superb quilt it is too. Inspired by life in Taupo and her husband’s keen interest in Trout fishing Margaret designed this quilt. I wish you could see it close up. The detail she has put into it is superb. The fish net is three dimensional and bags out from the front of the quilt.


If you are coming to Symposium you may see this quilt.

The catalogue is superb. Too many classes to choose from! I can see Taupo Symposium is going to be fantastic!

Congratulations Margaret, I am thrilled for you.


  1. That really is an amazing quilt

  2. She is, indeed, a talented lady ... it's a beautiful quilt.


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