Thursday, December 20, 2012

Elvis Lives!!!


I have a friend who is a mad keen Elvis fan.When Peggy was in America I asked her to source some Elvis themed fabric. I have made my friend a suite (or perhaps I should say sweet) of items made with the fabric. Mug Rug, Pocket Diary cover and Loyalty Card wallet.


Here is the suite all tied up – or should I say – all shook up?


BTW see that tulle ribbon? I made that by cutting florist tulle using a rotary cutter with a wavy blade.

Thanks for popping by, hope all your Christmas plans are going well.


  1. Lovely gifts, a super sweet suite!!!Fabric in themes, even Elvis, what next for us here in NZ? Greetings from Jean

  2. Those are just awesome. That Elvis fabric is really fun!

    : )

  3. Fantastic gift for any Elvis fan.

  4. Oh Elvis - he was the love of my life when I was just a young girl and he sang "Love me Tender" on the radio. I'm sure he was singing it just for me!!
    And as any Elvis lover knows - he's not really dead, you know, just hiding away and living the simple life.

    Your friend will love these gifts, and other Elvis fans will be green with envy.


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