Sunday, November 18, 2012

You’ve never been ignored…………...

……until you’ve been ignored by a pussy cat.

CiCi the cat who adopted us (Peggy)after we moved to Riverview on Robinson has not been happy since Peggy went on holiday.

She has spent the last hour like this:



Totally ignoring any friendly overtures. Never mind as the evening gets cooler she’ll probably be here:


……on my knee. Not looking at me of course because I am NOT Peggy


  1. Cats are not backwards in letting their feelings known!!

  2. Cats and dogs have such expressive body language ....

  3. So sweet! You may have to Skype Peggy so CiCi can "visit" with her.

    I hope Peggy brings CiCi a special treat when she returns.

  4. I seem to recall that CiCi was very good at giving me the ignore treatment as well - and she liked to sit on my lap with face away from me. Never mind, first week is nearly over. You will be counting sleeps until my return real soon!

  5. Ah yes, cats sure have a way of letting their feelings be known!


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