Saturday, November 24, 2012

It’s a hard life for cats…..

…….around here.
Fresh fish for lunch,  followed by some Cat Mint.
Then a zoom groom.
All is well:
Today is the Great Lake Cycle Challenge.This is the biggest cycling advent in the Southern hemisphere. Very exciting buzz around town Recently this HUGE cycle was erected not far from our house: Of course people cant resist the temptation to climb all over. I think they call that interactive art.
Me? This is a stay at home day. Nice to stroll around the garden and take stock. Can anyone tell me what this yellow flower is in front of the white Foxglove is?
These flowers plus lots more foxgloves are growing right by our clothes lines. One large foxglove has grown right up through the lines.Makes our hanging space a bit smaller but who could pull them out when my friends the Bumble Bees love them so?
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. To my American friends, hope you are getting over yesterdays festivities!
Cheers from Down Under


  1. That yellow flower looks as though it's a cowslip I think.

  2. Ahh, to be a cat in your home ... he/she looks so content. I love the flower pix. My Gran used to grow foxgloves and they were so pretty.

  3. I often think I'd love to be something furry in this house. So spoiled.


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