Thursday, November 29, 2012

Going Crackers



Yesterday at our Sweet Pea Gathering Rochelle showed us how to re cycle tin cans to make Christmas Crackers.

Here’s what you need to make a cracker:


2 pieces of fabric (the same) 9½ & x 12 inches

ribbon to tie at the ends – 2 x about 22 inches

2 x cans – 420gm size, no rough edges

½ sheet of (cut lengthwise) of fancy A4 size corrugated cardboard. (sourced from the Warehouse or a $2 shop)

12 inches wide Christmas ribbon for around the middle

double-sided tape

pinking shears or roller cutter with wavy blade


Optional extra – coffee and cake!


Trim down one long side of fabric pieces with pinking shears or wavy rotary cutter blade.



Place a piece of DS (double sided sticky tape) on one short end of each piece of fabric.


Remove paper from tape and fold tape over to create a hem.

Tip: if you cut an angle at the and of the tape it is easier to remove the paper

Place a piece of DS (double sided sticky tape) over the hem and down the un pinked side of the fabric


Remove paper from tape.Place open end of can at the un hemmed end of the fabric. Right next to, but not on top of the tape like this:


Carefully roll the fabric around the can keeping nice and straight right by the tape. Roll right to the hemmed end and press down the tape to seal the join.



Turn the taped long edge of the fabric into the inside of the tin.


Other end will look like this:

DSCF3840Gather the fabric at this end together and tie with ribbon:


Goodie half way now.

Rule a line down the centre of the card. Attach DS tape below the line and along the bottom of the card. At one end put DS Tape down one side on the other end put tape just between the two long strips.


(sorry about the different tapes! the white backed one ran out)

Remove paper and place one end of the cracker on the card like this:

The edge of the can should be level with the top of the middle piece of tape. Pick up the end nearest with short piece of tape and wrap it around the tin. Keep on rolling and wrapping until you reach the other end with the tape all the way across. Press and seal. The two parts of your cracker will now look like this:

Slide the short half inside the half with the cardboard collar on it.

Ta dah nearly there:


Final touch, cut a piece of trimming ribbon 1½ inches longer than the girth of the cracker. Using DS tape across each end of the ribbon attach one end to the cuff wrap ribbon around tin and stick the other end down.

All done.


Pretty festive, yes?

These crackers are large, 9 inches long and 3inches wide.Probably too big for the dinner table. More of a fancy container for smaller gifts. I have been looking in my pantry and I see smaller cans which would make great crackers too using the same idea.


The coconut cream tin is 165ml and the beans can 300grms.

Hope this makes sense. Any queries just email me.

Now ladies, get cracking!!!


  1. Thanks! I think these look so fun, and I am already thinking of what to fill them with. Good for New Years celebration too.

  2. This is a swell idea! I can think of all sorts of ideas for them .... could be a tad dangerous at the dinner table, lol. Thanks for the tutorial, Linda.

  3. These are cute as can be. Thanks for the tutorial.

    I wonder why crackers (large or small) are not seen (or used) much in the U.S.?

  4. Now what will you do about the paper crowns??

  5. Brilliant idea especially since I've just signed up for a cracker swap

  6. That is a fantastic tutorial Linda .. you are wonderful!! Rochelle

  7. My cans are all ready and I just have to find time to sit down and make a few of these the way I pinned you to Pinterest!

  8. What a neat idea! I'm so grateful that you shared this with us.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


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