Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another restoration

A little while ago my sister Barbara told me that her daughter had bought a quilt at an opshop. My niece decided to give the quilt a jolly good wash. That’s when a big whoops happened. The quilt had woollen batting and it shrunk!. My sister offered to unpick the quilting and I said I would re quilt it.

This is what it looked like before:



I looked long and hard at this quilt before I started working on it. It was hard to decide what  would be appropriate. When I ironed the quilt to prepare it for the frame I discovered that the piecing was not that good. All those set in seams were a bit of a challenge for the patchwork constructor. The centres of the stars didn’t sit flat. There was worse to come – the borders had been stretched as they were applied so they are smaller than the centre of the quilt. So I decided on my McDazzle on a large scale all over.




I do love this pattern. The stars pop and then the baby bocks seem to explode away from the stars.


Needless to say a cat scan was required:


Thanks for popping by


  1. A CatScan is the perfect finish to any quilt or project. Purring, tail wagging or paws kneading the fabric soft, all good signs of total approval. p.s. love the quilt too. Cheers from Jean.(AOK here)

  2. great save!! scan! Perfect! I like your ownership of your quilting design, Karen Mctavish would be pleased.

  3. That is just beautiful mow. In the before pictures, I only saw the stars, afterwards I saw the tumbling blocks too!

  4. I'm glad the quilt was rescued and repaired: it was lovely before, and now it is beautiful.

  5. Great choice on quilting designs. What a nice rescue, and now it can be loved like a quilt should.

  6. Isn't it sad how quilts end up in op shops. What a wonderful save! Funny isn't it how cats like quilts.
    Love Leanne

  7. I think your McDazzle was the perfect choice to tame the lumps and bumps. Wonderful!

  8. Comparing the first and last photos , that quilt completely has a new lease of life. It really is stunning now.


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