Saturday, October 06, 2012

A new Challenge

Just in case you thought I had dropped off the face of the earth!

Peggy made another modern Kiwiana quilt. A friend spotted it and asked if I could quilt it for her. She is going to send it to England!!! So we’re all very excited here at Robinson Terrace by the River. Peggy made this quilt to her own design and I get to quilt it!

So Thursday was spent loading it and putting stabilising stitching through it. Friday we couldn’t quilt but today I have just been doing some ruler work on the top section of the quilt ready to pop in some some free motion quilting.

I am using the same stunning Lava thread from Superior threads that I used on Peggy’s quilt.


Just starting:


Imagine when I have quilted in and around this 16 Patch. The squares will just seem to float.


Look at these circles peeking out. Wonder what is going to happen here?


More Rugby to watch tomorrow. Yippee! Don’t think much quilting will happen tomorrow.

Finally, Taupo Quiltmakers  met on Thursday night. Melody brought along her Solid Stars and Strings top. She has decided to make two 6 star quilts to pop on her arm chairs. Isn’t this nice?


(Melody is holding the quilt – that’s Julie our lovely President to the right)

Bye for now and GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!


  1. Love all that gorgeousness! Enjoy quilting Peggy's quilt.

  2. You have an artistic eye for choosing the perfect stitch for the quilts!


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