Saturday, September 29, 2012

Midnight Madness

Last night Taupo Quiltmakers gathered for Midnight Madness.

Stitching is happening:


Fiona was my stunt sewer, this was the first block made:


Bree has just joined our club, bought a brand spanking new Bernette and this will be her first quilt! Well done Bree!


Dot is very busy with a Batik Jelly roll and Yellow centres. This is going to be a stunner:


Christine decided on a Christmas theme:


Melody has beige/golden centres and zingy colours happening:


Julie is using classic White and Blue. Always so fresh looking. Julie says this is so not her but it’s very me – if she doesn’t like it I’d be happy to give it a home!


We had eight ladies stitching   (sorry I didn’t catch photos of all the blocks) and two angels helping.

Here are the two sample I took along:

Peggy made this one. It’s the one with the corrugated iron stitching – so appropriate for a NZ quilt don’t you think?



Here’s mine. I made this whole quilt from my stash. The solid colours for the stars are fabrics I have had for about 20 years!! Back when I was having my Amish phase.. Some of them are polished cottons and some I think may have a bit of Polyester in them. The strips all came from my strip bin. Hardly made a dent in that!! Looks like I have a few string quilts ahead of me!




Look what’s on the back – remember this opshop treasure?


Last but not least a cushion made out of a sample block:


The pattern is called “Solid Stars and Strings”. I found it on Mary’s website. Thank you Mary we all had a great time stitching your pattern.

Thanks for popping by.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sweet Peas and New Potatoes

The ladies meet at our house today. When I told Glynn the Sweet Peas were coming he said “I’ll have mine with new potatoes please”!

As usual the ladies are all very busy with different craft items. Debbie was  busy trimming blocks for her Urban Beads Quilt.

I can’t wait to see this one finished. It’s going to be a stunner.

Trish has been busy making Polka Dot Dresses:


Polka dot dresses 2

V Cute.

Another nice time with friends. Lots of laughter and chat.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why they call us Kiwis…..

My friend Cary mentioned on her blog that her Grandson Will is studying Kiwis. This made me think of a poem my Grandmother Susan Dassler wrote many years ago about Kiwis.



Why are we labelled Kiwis?

Where can we place the blame?

What charms has this unlovely bird,

That we should take his name?

He cannot fly  with ne’er a wing,

He has no voice – he cannot sing

No song of joy, no liquid note

Has ever issued from his throat.

He’s down-to-earth, and drab and shy’

And he ne’er looks up towards the sky

He has no tail to flirt and spread,

To lure a mate into his bed.

He shuns the day, and while it’s light,

He sulks and lurks beneath the scrub,

But digs and delves throughout the night,

And he thinks of nothing but his grub!

He’s really neither smart or nimble-

Why do we make him our symbol?

Upon one point you’ll all agree-

He is UNIQUE and so are we!

by Susan Dassler

Grandma Dassler was a prolific writer. In hard times she wrote to earn money. The 2s 6d or 5 shillings she might be paid for a poem or a small story that was published helped to keep things going. I believe she wrote this poem for a Great Grand Daughter who was going overseas as an American exchange Student.

Thanks for popping by.

PS If you would like to use this poem please acknowledge where you got it from – and Grandma D of course!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ssshhhhhh Secret Squirrel Stuff


On Friday night Taupo Quiltmakers are holding a Midnight Madness stitching session. We will gather at 6pm and be ready to sew at 6-30pm. We’ll be stopping for tea and then perhaps later a nice sugar hit – hope Fiona brings some of her Brownies!

I have been busy making a sample, Peggy made one too. I quilted hers first. I did lots of that Corrugated Iron stitching, I love the texture – and it so suits the front of the quilt:



While I was quilting my sample I mastered Pebbles!!!

-Midnight madnsee pebbles

Now ladies what do your think we are making???

Bye for now, thanks for popping by.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A touch of the Orient II

Yesterday Trish picked up her Japanese style quilt:


When Trish saw the quilt she said “Oh, I really like it now”. She made it for her Son and Daughter in law. I had no idea she wasn’t keen on it.

I love the way the centre panel stitched up. The cranes in particular look great.




Thanks for popping by

PS Yes I will clean my camera lens!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trains and Boats and Planes

Rewa made this quilt for her Great Nephew, who like most children these days seems to have gone from a cot to a ginormous bed!


Rewa bought a queen sized polar fleece to back this. I didn’t trim much off it.

Stars and Loop de loops in the middle and the corner stones.


Wavy lines through the borders and Number 8s in the narrow border. All very suitable for a boy’s quilt.


I have to confess I was having a flash back to the past as I quilted this.

Yes, I am old enough to remember Billy J Kramer singing the song!

Thanks Rewa for asking me to quilt your quilt.

Friday, September 07, 2012

A touch of the Orient

Do you remember Trish bringing her Japanese quilt top along to Sweet Peas? When she left that day she gave me the top to quilt.

Tuesday I loaded it on the frame:


I am very pleased with how this is stitching up.


Texturing at the bottom of the main panel looking super.


Lots of thread colour changing – but it’s worth the effort.

I love working with these rich sumptuous fabrics.

Thanks for popping by.

Koko Bulletin

Koko is much better today. Bouncing back well.


Thank you for all your get well wishes.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

One poorly little cat………



……….on the way to Pussy Cat Hospital. For a few days now Koko has been sleeping a lot. I thought it was just old age (13) and her arthritis catching up with her. Yesterday she woke up with a lump on the side of her face. A trip to the vet resulted in the diagnosis that a tooth extraction was required. So as I write this she is at Pussy Cat Hospital. They have phoned to say she’s okay and we can pick her up soon.

Koko has always been a high health low maintenance cat. This is all a bit of a shock to her system – and mine.

Extra TLC for one wee cat today.

Thanks for popping by


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Op Shop treasure

I haven’t found  treasure at the opshop for some time. Yesterday I lucked upon a couple of pieces of fabric.

How modern is this???


3.5meters for $3-00. Obviously a blast from the past when spots were last fashionable as it is only 36” wide. 100% cotton in perfect condition.

This will make a nice quilt back.


3 meters for $3-00

I’m happy with my treasures


Sunday, September 02, 2012

Jack Frost vs the Plums

Our plum trees are laden with blossom:


They look so pretty, and full of promise. Last year they had loads of blossoms but we had a run of frosts and the bees just weren’t around to do their job.

Let’s hope the Plums win this year.


Thanks for popping by

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