Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life after Jane

….just in case you thought I had forgotten how to do anything but quilt!
I often see Chocolate Chip cookies mentioned on American blogs. They are supposed to be America’s favourite Cookie.Now I have never made Chocolate Chip Cookies  - although they are pretty popular here too. I wrote to Peggy’s Daughter in law Lisa, who lives in Seattle to request a recipe.
She sent me this link. Today I got up early and made my very first batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies.
I have to say they are pretty yum. I didn’t have 2 cups of Chocolate chips as required. I  bought a bag of Cadbury’s CC thinking they would be enough. That was about  1 1/2 cups but I think that’s plenty.The recipe says to put Tablespoons of mix on the baking trays – in this part of the world I think a good teaspoonful is all you need.Unless you want cookies as big as Texas.
Warning!!!! The raw mixture tastes pretty damn good too!!! Hard to have just a wee taste test.
I took some in for the ladies at the OpShop for morning tea. They cookies vanished – so I guess they passed the taste test.
Thanks for sharing Lisa, I’ll be making these again.



  1. They look yummy, but your link isn't working for the recipe.

  2. Your cookies look yummy. I don't bake anymore because I love to eat all the treats. My sister makes a wonderful soft and moist, chocolate-chip cookie.

  3. I looked at the site Linda, and if you live at 5,200 feet a.s.l. , or higher, the recipe is altered to have more flour, some water and less sugar.Bingo for those who live that high, I had no idea you needed to take that into consideration.Makes a lot of cookies!!!Cheers from Jean


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